More of a listing this time. (As ever, my poor quality photos get bigger when you click them. They remain poor quality, however.)

I had some things to do in town today and, as I now do, I was having a look at menus in windows. A sandwich board, tucked in a doorway caught my eye …


A tiny bit misleading as it turned out but interesting enough to investigate.

It was in the doorway of this place …


… at the corner of Wexford Street and Kevin Street.

So, it turns out that this deal is for students only, with a card of course. Still, considering that it refers to this menu


that’s pretty good. BETTER STILL is the fact that this …


… happens on Friday. For EVERYBODY, not just students. Haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t comment on the food but I’d say it’s worth a go.

Across the road is …


… which has been there for a long time. It, too, does student offers …


… and for those of us ineligible for those, there’s the Sofia Breakfast …


… and, if you’re feeling flush, a few other choices for a few more Euro.

Two doors down is Burritos and Blues…


already written about in pretty glowing terms here. Although its Student Burrito is now just over a fiver at €5.50, it still does a Diet Burrito for €4.15.

Around the corner, in Kevin Street, is this place:


Not a huge selection for your fiver but, if you’re fond of omelettes, you’re in luck, and students get a general 10% discount:


And then, just along from there, is Hot Chilli …


… with a burger and chips for under a fiver (sorry, I can’t remember exactly how much it is).

There you are now. Enough said. Knock yourselves out.