What this is about

The idea for eatforafiver.com came from two things really. First, my experience of getting good value for food abroad, without having to look too hard. And secondly, and related to the first reason, the high price we are charged for food in cafes and restaurants in Ireland, often for mediocre fare, served gracelessly (although this seems to be changing a bit now).

eatforafiver.com aims to highlight and describe places, mostly in Dublin (where I live), where one can get a reasonable meal for a fiver, sitting down (or at least perching), and having something more than soup and a roll.

I’m not prissy about the food or location. Fast food joints are OK by me for an occasional feed but I wouldn’t go to them all the time.

As I like food and I cook a fair bit, I might put up the odd recipe where the ingredients cost about a fiver.

We’ll see how it goes. Feel free to contact me and let me know what you think. Click on Contact above for an email link.


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