This’ll be short and sweet. The young lad persuaded me to include Subway. He had a point. The poster in the window offers €4.50 lunch, available all day. And I did mention this offer in a previous post.

The poster

The lunch, as you can see, is a 6″ (I thought we went metric some years ago) sub (apparently a filled bread roll) with a medium drink.

Before you get your hands on the roll, you’ve a lot of decisions to make: the type of roll,

Choices ...

the filling (the choice includes ‘formed’ ham and ‘reformed’ turkey: brings to mind Homer Simpson’s ‘pressed peanut sweepings’), the ‘veggies’ (salad bits and pieces) and the sauce (various sweet and spicy confections).

I opted for Tuna and the young lad opted for Meatball Marinara.

The manufacturing process is quick and expertly done: the rolls are cut and the main ingredient is spread out: the roll goes in a toaster: the now warm roll is filled with additional items of your choice and squirted with sauce: the roll is wrapped and your money extracted from your fist: a plastic cup is pointed to and you fill it up from the dispenser.

The young lad enjoyed his Meatball Marinara sub, considering it to be tasty and filling …


My Tuna sub was OK. Just OK. I chose tuna because I don’t like processed meatballs and the various formed and reformed meats didn’t appeal to me. I do, however, prefer the roll in which my tuna lies to have a crunch to it. Subway rolls are soft.

That’s it, really. Subway is quick and easy and the rolls are filling. Nothing special. Not particularly good value.