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A Frabjous Day

The frabjousness of the day arose first in McDonalds, Rathmines this morning, where the young lad and I indulged in the complementary Sausage and Egg McMuffins on offer.

McMuffin-Sausage copy

I’ve waxed lyrical about these before. So let me just say this: if I was facing execution and I was asked what I wanted for a final meal, the Sausage and Egg McMuffin would be pretty high up the list. It’s the junk food equivalent of getting back into a warm bed on a cold morning when you don’t have to go to work.

Frabjous item number two was collected on the way out of town following my eatforafiver outing described below, from the comfortingly friendly Corner Bakery in Terenure. Here’s the ones that I didn’t eat …


None of your over-sweetened supermarket hot cross crap. These are things of spicy goodness, light and airy, that, with a generous coating of butter, in the words of John Martyn, …




And so to more mundane matters. Today, for lunch, I ate this …


… here …


… which is on Liffey Street, beside the Istanbel place I went to recently.

It was, I have to tell you, a big box of food (I chose Chicken Noodles). It comprised mainly thin noodles, with onion, red and yellow pepper, sliced cabbage, shredded carrot, not a massive amount of chicken and a generic, slightly sweet, sauce. It was tonged into a box by a server in a hat and a broad smile who asked me if I liked it spicy. My ‘yes, please’ triggered the application of a small spoonful of chilli paste on top. I sat, ate and filled the gap.

Thai Basil is, to be honest, nothing special, but if all you want is some quick flavoursome fuel in the middle of the day, while you sit in bright, clean surroundings, then you could do a lot worse. There are five chairs against a counter on one side of the small premises but most of the customers who came in while I was there took their food away. Here’s a selection of the menu offerings …



… and here’s the food on display …


OK. So that’s really all I have to say about Thai Basil.

Wandering around the area afterwards, I spotted Mission (just beside the evangelical Games Workshop, opposite the aul’ wans sculpture on Liffey Street). tweeted about it recently. Its menu contains a few tasty items for a fiver or less, so it’s going on the to-do list.

In the Epicurean Food Hall there’s a Spanish place


that does these …


And then on Bachelor’s Walk, pretty close to O’Connell Bridge, there’s a student offer from Apache Pizza …


That’s it. It’s been a long week. I’m going to drink gin.






Gabhan O’Tighearnaigh (athlete, debater, school student, decent bloke) writes:

Unlike all of the other posts on eatforafiver, a different person will be reviewing a place this week.

As a student, I felt it was important to avail of the opportunities I had and in fact go to a place that only students could eat in for a fiver.

Yum Thai on Duke Street was the place I chose. Any time I’ve passed this place before it was packed and, although you can sit down, the space is quite cramped and it is mainly seen as a place to get food to eat on the go. Fortunately, when I was there, it wasn’t too crowded so there was no trouble getting a seat.

2013-11-30 15.05.41

The food is laid out in a buffet style and all looked very appetising. One thing which particularly intrigued me about the place was that any dish available was for a fiver (if you’re a student) so I didn’t feel the urge to venture out of the price range. There were a good few options on the menu with a choice of rice or noodles with what you chose.

2013-11-30 15.05.09

To be honest, I just asked for what appealed to be the most from looking at it as I could clearly see what the contents were. It was called (on the menu) Peaw Wan (I think they mean Preaw Wan: they left out an ‘r’), and it was a sweet and sour dish with chicken and noodles. You get a choice of a plastic fork or chopsticks to eat it with. The picture does the food no justice because you really do get a humongous serving.


I can see why this place is the canteen for the hoards of Trinity students everyday. There was a huge range of flavours in the carton (no plates are used in the restaurant). They crammed as much food as possible into it which I was happy about because I was starving. The price bears no reflection on the quantity of the food.

Another bonus was that you get a free piece of fruit with the meal with can never be any harm.

I would conclude that, although this is the only place I’ve eaten in for a fiver, it could become a benchmark for the standard of food that can be served for a fiver. I do hope more open up around the place. There is another one on Baggot Street.

2013-11-30 15.05.26


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